Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Unplugged Project: My first Garden

I am finally getting around to posting another Unplugged project. Yesterday I really wanted to fill Anastasia's little blow-up pool for her enjoyment. Unfortunately it stormed on and off all day. So during her nap I set up a little garden project on the porch in light of the Unplugged theme this week. I bought a bowl at the dollar store, had some leftover gravel from my bamboo for drainage on the bottom, I found some dirt and plants in the yard, and some rocks and frog figures for the top.

I gathered the items and set them up and Anastasia added the rocks (one by one) into the container. She enjoyed playing with the dirt and plants, so I helped with that part. Then she put in more rocks and dumped the four frog figures in a pile. I helped make it a little less hurricane-like and Anastasia sort-of watered it. We set it in our kitchen window with the bamboo plants for as long as it will last!
I also drew flowers with crayons on some paper and let Anastasia paint with watercolors over the crayon. I thought she would enjoy the wax resistance... but she really enjoyed mixing colors in the glass of water and drinking it. Thats why Crayola makes things non-toxic I suppose!
I also had to post my Rainbow Chard... or 5-colored Silverbeet that I picked up at the farmer's market on Saturday:

Isn't it just beautiful? Or am I just a crazy, farm-fresh-food-obsessed pregnant woman? I sauteed it in butter with lemon juice and salt... and yum!

And lastly, Anastasia's new apron. I made it without a pattern for her so she can help me with baking or cooking or just looking really cute while I bake and cook. It also coordinates with my apron and is reversable! Its a little big, with lots of room to grow!

(Left: the sweet, country girl side, Right: the chic, summer hostess side)


Anonymous said...

I like your garden in a bowl idea. It looks like Anastasia had fun with it too. By the way, that apron is totally adorable! I love how it's reversible. Clever!

Clare said...

Glad you liked it! We enjoyed making it! And we love your blog and great ideas!

Candy Cook said...

That's a super sweet apron! Really quite adorable.

Bobbie said...

terrariums are all over the blogs at the moment... i really got to make one with my girls... but havent got to the garden store to buy some little plants... we have nothing here to use!!

Clare said...

They are very easy for little kids... and easy to take care of! Glad you like it!