Sunday, July 13, 2008

Down by the bay...

We returned from our vacation to the beach. We camped at First Landing State Park along the Chesapeake Bay and it was really peaceful... well, for the most part anyway.The first day at the bay, Anastasia was ready to run right into the water. The waves there are very small, but just big enough to knock over a toddler. She had a blast splashing about in the pounding surf. Unfortunately there were Jellyfish everywhere! I picked up one of the clear non-stingy ones but there were ones with tentacles too. They were washed up all over the beach and in the water where we were. Not nice at all. So we didn't enjoy the beach too much that day.

Then when we went to bed, Anastasia would not sleep. She had a meltdown. Nick took her for a ride around the campground and when they pulled away from the site, she flipped out even more. And she threw up all over the Jeep. They came back, I put her in clean clothes, and she finally fell into a deep sleep. Then the helicopters came. 2 Helicopters circling above the campsite... very close and VERY LOUD! It was around 11pm at this point and there was no way to sleep. So Nick went investigating and found out they were from neighboring Ft. Story doing night ops... getting in their hours. The park ranger asked Nick if they were bothering us. What kind of question is that? No, we find helicopters sounding as if they are going to land on our tent very soothing. In the words of Bill Ingvall, "Here's your sign" buddy. Two minutes after Nick talked to the ranger though, they went away. Silence was the most beautiful sound ever.

After very little sleep we went out for breakfast at an over-priced waffle place. We also hiked around the swampy forest at the park. They have the coolest spanish moss and bald cypress trees and it truly is somewhat of a fantasy land. They even have a sign posted that pirates would bottle the black swamp water because it kept well on long voyages due to the boric acid content. I see why they preferred rum.

I took Anastasia to the beach again while Nick napped. She was much better this time about staying with me and respecting the water. The waves were smaller and there were no jellyfish to be seen. Weird. Despite having to keep tabs on a wandering toddler, I had the most relaxing time, building castles and playing in the gently lapping waves. Nick joined us as well and we all just had a ball. These are the times I love the beach.

That night was much smoother... no helicopters, no puking, and no screaming. Just sleeping. Next day we headed to Yorktown which was a major dissapointment but we enjoyed a nice lunch and a quick visit to get our dog at my parents house. It was a great trip but I am SO GLAD to be home too.

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