Monday, July 21, 2008

Apples, Aches, and Weird Dog things

Its nice not to be sick. :)

I woke up Saturday with a headache that Tylonol just couldn't cure... or even really help. Then, I woke up Sunday with my mouth, head and the right side of my face just throbbing in pain. It hurt to open my mouth. What was the deal? I may never know. My suspiscion is that it was a reaction to Benadryl which I took to help me sleep on Friday. I don't usually take medication and I haven't taken Benadryl in over 10 years... and now I won't ever take it again. I just have a hard time sleeping now in this third trimester. Thank goodness I only have 2 1/2 months to go! And so much crafting left to do!!!!

Our apple tree is covered in big apples now. They are incredibly sour and most of them were quite bug-ridden but I can salvage enough to make a vat of applesauce and some tasty pie and apple strudel (my favorite). I think next year I will have to learn how to care for trees so they won't be so buggy. I found some bugs I have never seen before in my life trying to eat some of my apples!! Yuck! Anastasia enjoyed helping me pick the "balls" off the tree. She picked a few on her own as the tree branches were so heavy with fruit they were at her level. She also was an exceptional apple-launcher. Apparently they are just as much fun as bouncy balls.... only these ones grow on trees!

I have a tupperware bowl of blackberries from my uncle to address as well. I am picturing blackberry cupcakes smothered in buttercream frosting with a single berry on top. Mmmm.

What is wrong with my dog? Since last week she has been following me everywhere! She is constantly staring at me as if I am going to leave her or something. She started eating some of Anastasia's unused disposable diapers a few days ago. She also stole a pepper from the produce my uncle gave us and was eating it in our bed with tea-light candles. Then today I woke up to an explosion of diaper wipes in Anastasia's room.... they were everywhere!!! And I buy the unscented kind! She has never done anything like this before!! Then, she stole 2 zucchini's off of the counter at some point today, and pulled a loaf of bread off of the counter as well. She is a notorious bread thief, so that isn't too abnormal, but peppers, wipes, zucchini and candles are a little bizarre, even for a husky. All I can think is that she is desperately seeking attention... or maybe she just doesn't like her dogfood and is making a statement by eating candles and diapers. Either way it is the oddest thing for my almost too-good dog.

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Bridget said...

You're right. I bet Leia is probably seeking attention because she knows you are having a baby! She's worried you won't pay attention to her any more. We had a cat before Michael was born. And right around the 3rd trimester, she was crazy, and not acting like she usually did. She even pooped in Jason's shoe!!

Anyway, I don't know how you'd reassure an animal that you're not going to leave them, but that's something you can probably find online. Maybe a dog whisperer can give you the answers as to how to handle Leia's unusual behavior!