Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Three perfect peaches

I caught Anastasia's little cold and feel so drained today. Blah. I hate being sick... and pregnant. I wish I could say I was one of those happy, bright, beaming pregnant people... but today I feel like the grumpy, tired, fat pregnant woman.

Even so, I got up the energy to take Anastasia to the library since we will be missing Storytime due to my doctor's appointment tomorrow. She recieved a prize for the summer reading program which is pretty fun. I usually let her pick her prize, but she wanted a yellow rubber duck... and she currently has like 10 rubber ducks, so I gave her a purple dragon instead. I felt like the evil controlling mom but guess what? She has been carrying that purple bendy dragon around all day. So I don't feel so bad. We got out a book called "Three Perfect Peaches" and it was really hilarious. About a princess who was ill and needed 3 perfect May peaches to cure her and the peasant boy who tries to find them. I feel like the princess today... ill and in need of 3 perfect peaches. So far I have had 2 near-perfect cups of peach tea. Maybe one more will do the trick!

Despite being so tired, I also got out the Coleman pump and blew up Anastasia's blow-up pool. It was way bigger than I expected, but works out nice on the deck next to the old dryer that is sitting there. She loved it and I enjoyed cooling my feet off and knitting with some tea. That is some serious therapy. Speaking of knitting, I successfully crocheted a little acorn necklace for Anastasia. I will post a picture later. I put a little treasure stone in it due to a lack of acorns this time of year... but the possibilities for this tiny treasure holder are endless. She has been wearing it all day. Now she sleeps... and I must prepare to prepare dinner. Soup and cornbread sounds so comforting right now... mmm.

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