Monday, January 5, 2009

First Monday

So it is the first Monday of the new year and being that Nick has had almost 2 weeks off, it feels like a real Monday today. For the first time in a while. Blah. So I am outnumbered by my children yet again. But I have a secret weapon coming in the mail soon! I ordered a Beco carrier for Isabel with hopes it will be more comfortable and more versatile than the Bjorn she currently rides in. My back is still a little sore from a trip to DC yesteday filled with walking.
We went to the National Gallery of Art that had a nice Pompeii exhibit. When we arrived Anastasia was in the Kelty back pack carrier and we were told we would have to check it in because backpacks are not allowed. As we left the carrier Anastasia threw a huge fit!! She screamed for her "chair" and we were a bit concerned that we may have to do something else. The lady at the coat check told us there were some strollers available, but when I checked all they had was one solitary wheel chair. So I took it and we strolled A-Bomb (that is her nickname because she is like a time bomb about to errupt at the slightest thing) around in a great big wheel chair. She thought it was pretty cool but soon got bored so the solution was to stroll me around with both girls on my lap. Everyone was happy. Except the handicap person who didn't get the wheelchair. lol. I kind of feel like having 2 small children is a bit of a handicap so I didn't feel too bad.

My goal for the new year is to purge and organize the house. I have a HUGE trashbag for the Goodwill Store and Cleaned our house really well last week. So there are a few problem areas (the bedroom, the girl's closet, my crafting shelves, etc) so hopefully I will have a chance to tackle those in the next few weeks. I already feel so much better with a clean house. I feel like my life isn't totally out of control! Isabel just demands to be held all the time, so it is usually hard to get anything completed. She hates the sling and doesn't like the Bjorn when I am standing still (I have to be walking ALL THE TIME). I grew up in a messy house where I was embarassed to have friends over. Now I feel like I HAVE to keep my house clean in order to maintain my own sanity and dignity. I mean, my house isn't spotless but it is tidy at present.

For some reason I just feel like rambling on and on and on... but the truth is I have laundry, dishes and wet diapers to change. The fun never stops! :) Happy 2009 Everyone!


Annie said...

I laughed so hard about the wheelchair situation that Anja looked over at me with an expression of great concern. Ha!

Bridget said...

Wow. I'm glad you got a picture of that. Although, before I read the explanation, I was wondering what in the heck happened to sweet, sweet A-Bomb! LOL! Good stuff.