Thursday, January 15, 2009

Have you seen my camera?

I think I left it at my parents house. Or it is hidden in the Jeep SOMEWHERE. I need it. I feel so lost with out it. All the cute moments I missed today are not on film! Ah!

It has been quite a trying week in some ways because everyone caught a cold. Except me. I have been drinking echinacea tea, adding ungodly amounts of garlic to everything and popping the Zicam every few hours. Seems it has worked thus far! Over the weekend Nick put new floors in the girl's room and they look so stunning! The greatest part is we paid around $100 for laminate floors from IKEA and the room looks amazing now. So much cheaper and better than carpet. Whoever came up on carpet came up with one of the worst inventions ever!! It can never be cleaned!

Today I actually got some sewing in!!! I was so stoked! I made 3 pairs of baby leggings from knee-highs. I made 3 pairs of wool pants from sweaters. And I started knitting a little Sunday bonnet that Isabel can where to church instead of her little Sherpa hat that I love. I am hoping it will still fit her by Easter, and that I can make Anastasia one too. I also have dresses I want to make for them. I basically dreamed them up and think they are totally do-able.

I am trying to have a better attitude with my children (an almost 2 year old in particular). I think sometimes I lay more responsibilities on myself than are humanly possible to accomplish and I forget to play and enjoy my kiddies. They do eventually sleep and I can always do housework or crafts then. I think I have this idea that being home while Nick has to work means that I should have an immaculate house, beautiful handicrafts and 5 course meals to show for my day at home. The reality is, I don't think anyone with small children can do such wonderful things without a maid. I need to invest my time in my children in more meaningful ways. I can do the housework when they go off to college.

Well, enough rambling... hopefully I will have pictures soon. My blog seems so empty.


jojoebi said...

'I'll do the housework when they go to college'

LOL, have to agree with that one, maybe by then I will be able to afford a maid hahaha

Nick-dog said...

Sweetness, I am just fine with one course.


Clare said...

LOL! Yeah maid would be nice someday ;) but for now I will just make 1 course meals in my messy house. haha.

Bridget said...

"I can do the housework when they go off to college."