Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fabric and Things

Bird purse and Bunny pen holder I made one special 2-year old: I love fabric. I have been recently smitten for imported Japanese fabric. I like that the prints are generally small and very whimsical making for absolutely fanciful childrens items. Currently you can enter in a drawing for some Japanese fabric at the crafty crow. Even if you don't sew you should enter and if you win, you can give the prize to me ;) This is what I recieved in the mail this week:I ordered these and more from a seriously sweet Etsy shop called Fabric Supplies by Charlie and Linsay. My picture truly doesn't do justice. All that I ordered is in the line "My Folklore" by Lecien. I highly recommend this shop and their 5 star customer service. They also carry Alexander Henry, Amy Butler, Michael Miller... all the best. And I feel that their shipping prices are completely reasonable especially if you are like me and only want 1 or 2 yards at a time. I just figured because I often get asked, "where do you buy your fabric?" I would share one of my new little secrets. I will not share the absolutely perfect Easter dress pattern that these fabrics will soon be part of... not until they are fully assembled that is. Just so I don't have every girl at church wearing the same dress because it is just that cute. Onto other cuteness:She loves her tea set and I have just introduced her to tea. "tai chee" in her words, better known as Chai Tea. Common mistake. Even at the cafe I worked at many people came in ordering a tai chi. She of course gets decaf Celestial Seasonings and I miss the yummy Chai I used to serve. And look how big Isabel is getting! Where did my newborn go?
She was replaced with a drooly, lovey, snuggly, giggly 4-month old. Even though having 2 kiddies keeps me far more busy, I feel that I actually love my time with them more than when I only had one. Isabel reminds me how fast the time slips through the hourglass of life... of my life with my babies who live off of love and snuggling. I feel that with Anastasia I was still partially connected to my previous life prior to having children and it was harder to accept how invasive she was. She was much higher maintnance than Isabel as a baby. But now with 2, I have severed all ties with my life before motherhood and I can bask in the beautiful light of their goodness all the more. I don't take for granted being caked in spit up and dancing around getting my baby to sleep. Or even the neediness of a toddler who isn't feeling well and needs cuddling with momma to make it all better. Because I know that it won't last forever and I need to invest everything into these moments that well be sewn lovingly into the quilt of life.


Laura said...

I literally gasped when I saw your handiwork! I'm a sucker for all those sweet Japaneese fabrics too. Beautiful job! :)

Annie said...

Gooorgeous! Fabrics, crafts, AND daughters!! Isabel is growing so fast; she looks so different already from when you guys visited!

I had a response comment to you on my blog, but for some reason I couldn't get it to actually post and then it disappeared. Anyway, poor Anastasia for having an ear infection!! True misery. :( As for the medicine, Anja can't get enough of hers. She loves it. I mean, she ADORES it. She's been known to throw minor fits when it's time to put it back in the fridge. So, unfortunately I am very lucky and therefore have no advice for you on how to get Anastasia to take it!!!!!! Maybe you could tell her it's a special flavor of Tai Chi! (I can't believe you had grownups order that at your coffee shop. Ha!)