Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Anastasia!

We celebrated Anastasia's birthday today with my family, aunts, uncles and cousins. Everyone had a really great time. Especially our little birthday girl!
The theme: Chinese new year. The cake: rasberry cheesecake and chocolate cupcakes. mmm.

The delectable food complete with a chinese lantern tree:

And I took the little peg people idea to the next level with my little peg centerpiece. I even had umbrellas for the drinks. Who doesn't LOVE little umbrellas?
I made chinese lanterns and strung them up over those icicle lights you see at Christmas. I just stuffed each icicle into a lantern. I hung fan-like flowers and the IKEA dragon from the rafters to create the party scene:

And the fake table (actually a very ugly space heater that doesnt work):

"Happy Birthday" Anastasia in chinese with the ox because this is the year of the ox:

I found this little radio flyer toy at the thrift store and because it is her birthday she got to have it inside, but from now on, I think it will be an outdoor toy.

I think this porcelin tea set was her absolute favorite gift, along with some haba gummy bears, both of which she has been playing with non-stop since everyone left. She also got some new clothes, and a few new books including a Mother Goose and Curious George Treasury!! What fun!
Since her birthday is tomorrow, and the true Chinese New Year, I was completely inspired by this post at One Pretty Thing. I still had so many ideas for the party, and just didn't have time for them all. We had a brunch with my French toast bake, an egg bake and a very popular batch of cinnamon rolls. Anastasia really enjoyed the company and had a blast opening presents. I was so pleased with her array of really nice gifts. She actually fell asleep when most everyone left, and the rest of us played "In A Pickle" (not my favorite game) and "Balderdash" which was a blast. Now Isabel sleeps in my arms as Anastasia curled up on her favorite blanket (Nicks baby quilt) at my feet. Better go put the girls in their beds and say Goodnight. Happy Birthday my beautiful girl. You are the light of my life.

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