Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Good Mom

A good mom teaches her daughter not to play with matches and keeps them out of reach.

A bad mom feeds them to her baby for breakfast:

hehe. We found Anastasia found the matches (bad mommy and daddy) and the logical thing to do was feed them to her doll. It reminded me of a card I gave my mom for mother's day a few years back reading, "A good mom lets her children lick the beaters." Then on the inside it read, "an even better mom turns the mixer off first." lol.
Maybe you recognize the baby in the picture? If you were anywhere near as in love with American Girl as a child as I was, you would know she is the classic "Bitty Baby" doll in the catalogue. Anastasia's aunt sent her as a birthday gift and Anastasia has enjoyed changing her diaper, reading books, doing puzzles with and feeding her. I am thrilled to have family who indulge her with American Girl dolls and accessories that I only dreamed of having as a child. I still have my doll (Felicity) and hope to see my girls enjoy them as much as I once did. I love things that haven't changed much since my childhood.

It was quite a rough weekend for our poor Ana-bear. She has been sick on and off for almost 3 weeks now, and became a bit feverish a few evenings last week. She would be fine during the day and so I didn't worry too much but did make her a doctor appointment for Monday suspecting some sort of infection. We didn't make it until monday. Saturday night was rough. She woke up every half hour burning up and shivering. I gave her some Motrin that she spit out and the little she did get, didn't help much. So at 4am after a grand total of 20 minutes of sleep, I decided it was time to go to the ER. The perk of living in a pretty small town is the empty Emergancy Room! So we walked right in, and the doctor found she had a pretty bad ear infection. :( poor kid. While peeking in her ear, she turned her head sharply and the doctor scratched her ear and it started bleeding. this was the point my hypo-glycemia kicked in and I began feeling faint. He thankfully didn't rupture her ear drum or anything, but it was still a bit disheartening seeing her ear bleeding. We each got a popsickle. mmm. We left with a few souveniers including a bottle of pink stuff and a valentine puppy beanie baby named "heartbeat."
Today we are all feeling better (and I finally caught up on sleep) and I found mixing amoxicillin with apple juice is the only way to get a full dose of antibiotics into Anastasia's system. whew. Hopefully the rest of the week will prove less eventful.


Annie said...

I said to Martin, "Clare is so stinkin' cute." And he replied, "And such a nice girl, too!"

Poor Anastasia! We love American Girl dolls in my family too!! Actually both sides... my sister and I both had them (I had Molly; Sarah had Samantha) and my sister-in-law still gets the accessories for hers! (also Molly.) Such fun, and such a classy doll for a little girl to have!! My neice Gracie has a Bitty Baby and I'm pretty sure it's her favorite doll.

Anna said...

Clair!!!! We have to let out Felicities get together sometime!!!!!

Those matches crack me up.