Friday, February 20, 2009

Little Update

I have been in a bit of a whirlwind of projects. One big one... hopefully I will be ready to share with you next week. But with a house of sicklings, I can't make any promises. Seems the laundry pile just gets bigger, the wool is finally getting lanolized, and the girls are cranky with colds.

on the upside Nick found me a bottle of vodka. lol. Its not what you think I promise! I decided to buy some vanilla beans and make my own vanilla extract with it. Guess how much a vanilla bean is at our organic store? $4! for one bean! so I bought just that. 1 Bean! So hopefully I can make a small bottle of vanilla extract. I have found cheaper places online, and maybe if my 1-bean-bottle works out well, I will make a better investment. It will still make more than what you buy in a tiny bottle for the same price, so I don't feel too ripped off.

On another note, check out this interesting interview on Huckabee's show. I am not a huge Huckabee fan, and I think is show is pretty bland. I am so homeschooling though. Even though I was homeschooled for the latter end of my education, I feel that as an adult I am still trying to undo some of creative smothering I was subjected to as a child.

Anyway, I better tend to my fussies and pizza.


Sarah said...

Home made vanilla is great. The more beans you can use the better, though. I bought a TON off of ebay (seriously) for next to nothing and they have done a fabulous job. Put it all in a cute jar and it makes a great Christmas gift!

Wendle said...

I only got to watch a few seconds of the video clip before Sam started getting fussy. But I can say that our world will fall behind. If we don't give our children a creative mind today-who will keep creating for the future? Thanks for sharing!

Sumojason said...


When you are done with the bean(s), hang them up and let them dry out. Then in a large container add sugar and the bean(s). After a week or two you will have vanilla sugar, good for that morning coffee/tea or for giving more flavor to your baked goods.

Got it off of Good Eats:



Nick-dog said...

That's awesome, Jason! Truly, you are a wizard.