Thursday, February 12, 2009


Anastasia LOVES stickers. So I made her a little sticker book out of a photo album. I just bought a cheap album, used some scrap paper and she loves it. Plus she can stick, and re-stick the stickers as she seems fit. AND in the future I want to add some scenic post cards so she can have different scenes to stick them to. And the wheels in my head keep turning... in the future I also see making phonic or letter pages and she can stick coordinating items on them. Or even numbers with those little dot stickers. Imagine the possibilities!!

Here is a little Dover sticker paper doll that fits perfect in here!

Little monkeys I gave her after being brave at the doctor:

I was even thinking of making a "brave book" including small documentations from doctors appointments. Like a picture of the dog she got at the ER for being brave. the stickers she gets at the doctor. And a small caption that goes with each one explaining how brave she was. hmmm.


Laura said...

That is such a good idea! I loved your felt cupcakes too! Have you seen this blog?
She also makes felt cupcakes and "cuppa joes" (though I think yours are cuter ;)

Clare said...

Thanks for the link Laura! and the compliments! I was drooling over her little coffee cups! ah! so cute. I had actually thought of making a cupcake pin cushion because the pins make perfect little sprinkles!