Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hey good lookin', whatcha got cookin'?

I think I was reading in "The Creative Family" about taking pictures of places and things your child has played with as a way of documenting aspects of their creativity. It seems like a neat way to remember these early years of their lives and those little things they do as they learn about the world we live in. Finding wooden bears (or another toy) in my sifter is not an unusual occurance around here. Licking the beaters. Yum. I remember doing that as a kid and it seems strange that my favorite part of baking cookies/brownies/etc is eating the dough. I will bake cookies just because I crave cookie dough. Now Anastasia is carrying on that favorite tradition of licking the beater.
Even Isabel does her part in the kitchen. Her part is to be good and happy while mama works. And of course to let Anastasia torment her and then laugh together about it.

oh, and because we are on the subject of cooking, Anastasia has been making lots (ok 3) of felt cupcakes. These are the size of mini muffins and fit snuggly in a mini muffin tin. I was going to give them to her for V-Day but she always catches me making them and HAS to have them. And I am a pushover for letting her indulge me by playing with my crafts.
I sort of came up with these on my own, and think i might be able to sell them... but they take a lot of time to make (like 40 minutes each) so I feel like they should cost like $10... but that seems like an awful lot for little mini cupcakes. But perhaps making regular sized cupcakes wouldn't take THAT much more time and would be more likely to sell for a higher price. I was also thinking of making a pattern if anyone wants one. hmmm. I have so many brilliant ideas. Its just finding the time and motivation to accomplish them all. :)

It is really windy out here today. my grill blew off the deck. there is a freaky mask that blew into our yard... think twisted horror movie freaky. And the wind is whistling when it blows and a while ago it sounded like a child scream. kind of freaky. So I built a fire even though it isn't that cold because it seemed like a cozy thing to do. I feel much safer knowing I have a shot gun and that I know how to use it. (I hope Nick you are proud that I blogged about a gun! lol) But seriously. With tough economic times, and the reality that I think most robberies occur when people are at work and sweet innocent stay-at-home mom's like me are at home. I am not going to be a victim! ha! So watchout bad guys.
anyway. I am finally decorating for valentines day... simple but sweet. Holidays are a nice way to cozy up the place and a good excuse for craftiness. Plus a holiday where I get to add lots of red into my life is always a winner in my book. Well, I hope everyone has a Happy Valentines day and gets lots of love and kisses. :)

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