Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dreaming of Swinging

Anastasia loves to swing. So I finally decided that we would buy her a nice "sky chair" swing with the savings bond my grandfather gave me as a baby. I think she will get a lot of use out of it. Here she is at a nursery testing one out. Now I just have to cash that thing in...
i haven't blogged in a while, much in part to a surprising amount of social outings. We are usually little hermits in the evenings and sometimes on weekend, but last week we were booked up! lol. Crazy. We also took a trip to Philadelphia on Saturday for my friend's Wendy's son Samuel. We had a really nice time, and wish they didn't live so far away!!
Now I have been addicted to making cupcakes. my cupcakes are super great because they are fat-free, calorie free... in fact they are made of felt! I thought they would be a cute gift for Anastasia for Valentines day. Pictures to come.
I am not a morning person. I am posting this a little before 9am... sorry if it is lacking in any way. i wish I could get up at 6am and jog every morning like I intend to. It is just so difficult for me and I have a new excuse every single morning for my lack of motivation. One of these warm days I will go jogging before nick leaves for work. Perhaps it would help if I wasn't up until midnight making felt cupcakes. hehe. ;) thats all for now. I have ideas and pictures for better posts.... but since it has been a while i figured I would post SOMEtHINg. now i just got spit up on. nice.

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