Monday, June 1, 2009

Cherries and Spice... and everything nice.

These are the baby food jars I turned into Spice jars. I am so happy with them. A little scrao paper, rubber stamps, mod-podge, and you get some very cute spice jars:
I have been SO busy with the warm weather and a very demanding 8-month old. I used to put Isabel in a basket, swing or on the floor and she was happy for a long, long time. Now I am lucky to score 20 minutes. BUT she does sleep pretty well... usually. So I really can't complain. Its just a tricky time, and I actually look forward to her being mobile. I really do.

We had a very social weekend. Its odd how we see a lot of friends at one time, and then don't see anyone for a long time afterward. Everything seems to happen at once and then I get bored in between. Its hard being occasionally popular.

I haven't done too much crafting other than canning and freezing strawberries. Strawberry freezer jam is my favorite. It really tastes so fresh. The cherries are sooooo close to being ripe. I found this really great new blog called the Farmhouse Finishing School. I love that they have a recipe for cherry liqueur that doesn't require you to pit the cherries. How perfect is that? It just sounds awesome even though I am not a big alchohol drinker, I think this liqueur might be worth becoming one for. Can you imagine mixing it with a little ghirrardelli white chocolate liquer? um, yum. Or adding it to some hot cocoa in the winter? ah.

Half of my garden was destroyed by a groundhog, the other half is giving me lettuce, herbs and a few sugar snap peas. Nick said the groundhog is too cute to shoot. The same was not so of several rabbits who have taken to eating my peas. I haven't seen rabbits in a while. ;)
I just finished reading a fantasy series called "The Song of the Lioness" by Tamora Pierce. I read all 467 pages of the series in about 5 days from start to finish. It was insanely good. I liked that it was really very intellegent, fun and not overly dramatic. Just my style. Oh, and the hero is a girl. That really rocks. There are plenty more books that take place in the same world (Tortall) but our library is moving locations and is closed for another week! Yikes! But I found another local library that I think I can go to for free.... and feed my new hunger of Tamora Pierce fantasy. And they have storytime for little kids.


Nick-dog said...



Your loving editor husband.

PS-I will cap the groundhog if I see him!

Sumojason said...

Cap it, Cap it good. Funny thing is I was talking to my Dad yesterday on the phone when he spotted some groundhogs. He told me he had to go take care of them. I have a feeling that those groundhogs are no more. ;)

Clare said...

Ok editor Husband, laugh all you want! Just remember I can beat you at Scrabble.

Jason that is hilarious. I hope your dad got 'em!!! I hate those blasted animals!!! grrr...