Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Drama

I love this pic of Isabel. Maybe its the swing. Maybe its the "Made in USA" printed on the swing. Maybe its the star-spangled dress. Maybe its the anticipation of her first July 4th and the fact that she is truly a little Miss American pie. So the groundhog saga continues. My mom let me borrow her groundhog trap and all I caught was this little guy:

Anastasia thought he was "SO CUTE!" and was beside herself when we let him go. The groundhog won that battle, but he hasn't lost the war. I learned to shoot. I think cute furry groundhogs are perfect for target practice. don't you?
In other news, I am so smitten for Heather Ross' "Far Far Away" fabric line. I am not smitten for the $17 per yard pricetag. *sigh*. I see quilts adorning my girls' beds, with unicorns and princesses sitting on piles of mattresses. I guess that is why it is called "Far Far Away" because that is where the fabric will remain in relation to me. The other side is. I have never quilted anything more than a simple baby comforter. But now I have been bitten by the quilting bug and need to learn pronto... like in all my spare time. Because even if I did get my hands on the fabric of my far away dreams... I wouldn't want to make my daughters ugly quilts from it. What a waste of pricey fabric that would be. I am really just drooling over these quilt squares from it... I mean, it truly breaks my heart that I am not filthy rich sometimes.
Well I had so much more to say, but Isabel just woke up to eat and its 11:30pm... so back to reading for me!!! Goodnight!

Oh, and now its tomorrow... but I found a quilt more like the one of my dreams here.


Bridget said...

This is so funny. I checked Nick's blog first with all the gun action, and then I went to your blog. The funniest thing to me is that I went from you hitting the groundhog target to quilting in a matter of seconds! You guys are so great!!!!

Laura said...

Love that pict of your American Beauty! :)

Did you hear Heather Ross has retired from designing fabric? That's why her stuff has shot up in price ;) She now designs under a particular company...

Clare said...

Thanks Bridget!! Yeah I guess we are pretty diverse in our everyday interests. lol.

Laura-Thanks! I didn't know she had retired... that stinks that her prices are so high now.