Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hey June

June is like a bad luck month for me. Except I don't believe in luck. Maybe bad karma? I mean, I sort of believe what goes around comes around... but more in the "justice will be served" sense. Maybe not in this life, but the next. Karma can't explain why really great people can have really bad things happen. Either way June is dishing me up some real sour grapes... and not sour cherries.

Isabel has been sick the past couple days and won't stop crying!!! Unless we get in the Jeep and go somewhere, in which case she is happy as a clam. (are clams really happy?) It seems counter-intuitive to take a sick baby out into the world to spread around the bad ju-ju... but its either that, or go insane. haha. Actually she was crying all morning yesterday and pulling on her ear and my heart sank at the thought of ANOTHER ear infection in another child. So to the doctor I went (ugh). She was very happy and super charming at the doctors office and thankfully she just has a sore throat that refers pain or itching to her ears. Ah well. At least no one else is sick... yet. *knocks-on-wood*

We had an overall good week... with no crafting as planned. I read another quartet of books by Tamara Pierce called "The Immortals" and they were AWESOME!! I loved the series. The animal lover in me really connected with the main character. The animal lover in my also connected with the baby bunnies, chicks and ducklings at the farmers market. If it weren't for my beloved husband I think I would have a menagerie in my backyard (or in my house if I didn't have a backyard). I know if I were an old maid, I would be one of those kooky cat ladies. Thank goodness that didn't happen. I hope we will get some chickens this summer. At least they are very useful animals unlike our giant furball husky. Although I have to say we rarely have crumbs on our floors.

Well maybe I can go but the fussmiester down for a nap... until next time... ciao!

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