Thursday, June 18, 2009

Don't worry...

Wee Sing is politically correct. I just bought 2 Wee Sing CD's at Borders because I had a coupon for $5 off of CDs so they were pretty much half off. There are SO MANY SONGS on the CDs and A-Bomb LOVES them. I really bought them for our trip to the midwest next month but broke into one of them for fuss-time on the way home from my mom's house. Well, they changed a few things since I was a kid. The Ten Little Indians song is now "Ten Little Fingers" which is okay I guess, but at Thanksgiving what are little kids supposed to sing? The other song they changed is "Little Cabin In The Woods" which is one of my favorites!!

Little Cabin in the Woods, Little Man by the window stood, saw a rabbit hopping by, knocking at the door.


Help me! Help Me!! Sir he said, before the hunter shoots me dead! Little Rabbit come inside, safely to abide.


Help me! Help me! Sir he said, before the farmer bops my head! Little rabbit come inside, safely by the fire.

I actually think the farmer one is HILARIOUS but "fire" does not rhyme with "inside" and that part just ruins in for me. ah well. I guess shooting bunnies dead is out but an unfortunate reality for the survival of my garden. Our new library is awesome, but our library doesn't have Raffi. Now I just have to have some Raffi for our trip, and maybe some Pete Seeger.

Speaking of being PC, my dad has a new bumper sticker: "Being politically correct means apologizing for everything." My good ol' dad keeping it real on his beater car.


Annie said...

I loooooooved Wee Sing when I was little AND Raffi! Anja likes Raffi, but she doesn't LOVE him... yet. Thanks for reminding me of the Little Cabin In the Woods song! Since I don't have the audio version, I will still sing about the dead rabbits.

Oh, and I was wrong about Martin's vacation being the week you're here... it's the week after, I think. So I guess WE are only available on either of those weekends, but you can come down and see me anytime during the week if neither weekend works out!

Nick-dog said...

Our trip is becoming more and more loco by the minute. --NM

Ben Hatke said...

That's funny, Nick. I keep telling everyone that YOU'RE becoming more and more loco by the minute.

Nick-dog said...

At least you're not lying.