Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red, White and Cute

That is how I would describe my Star-spangled girls yesterday. I didn't get any really good pictures yesterday though. Too bad. Here is another swing pic:Can you believe Anastasia is only 3 lb.s heavier than Isabel? Weird. Anyhow, we had a great Independence day, and I hope you did too. We ended up going to a BBQ at Bridget and Jason's, and then having one with my parents later at our house. Yum. I think this is the only time of year I eat a hot dog. And I love it. Otherwise I skip the processed meat-like thing on a bun. The fourth is a great day to celebrate our awesome nation. It means something more though to those in our own neighborhood. Our neighbors are great. Classic, wonderful rednecks. The 4th of July is of great importance in our neighborhood. It is a day to try and outshine one another in the realm of illegal (in Va) fireworks. My neighbors had AMAZING fireworks. Really amazing. Just as good as any small-town firework display except better because if the kids freaked out, we just walk inside our door. And, no crowds to have to deal with when leaving the show. Both girls were entranced by the fireworks and we even did some sparklers. So I decided I am going to spend the 4th of July at home from now on!!

And Isabel upgraded to a bed from her basket finally: I put a little basket of toys on the bottom shelf for her too. It gets me an extra 30 minutes of sleep in the morning. yeah! And I made Anastasia a very buggy lunch last week:

She thought it was neat... but I think I was far more excited about it. Isabel used to hate anything with bananas in it... but she seemed okay with this one:

We are leaving for the midwest on Saturday (at like 12am) so I have a busy week of preparing ahead of me. I have several activities for the car so hopefully the 12-14 hour drive won't be TOO bad. yikes! Anyway, God Bless the USA.


Annie said...

Yes, the 18th works for us!!! We were hoping you'd be passing through that day instead of the 11th, or whatever Saturday date is that you're heading out. We can't wait to see you! And I loved your message... "This is Clare...... Clare Marmalejo.... from Virginia." LOL, I know who you are, sillyhead. :)

Bridget said...

Glad you guys could be a part of our 4th of July/Michael party! Great seeing you guys, as always!