Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Trip Day 8.5-10

For the second half of the second Saturday of our trip, we went to Uncle Jimmy's for a party for Grandpa (Nick's dad). We got a great shot, and the only shot, of all the cousins together. Notice how the girls have taken over!!! lol. The girls had a blast with all their cousins. I really wish we lived a little closer sometimes.This is how we light the candles. Anastasia is a good candle blower outer.


We left Nick's parents after packing the car around 7ish and headed to mass. Then we drove to Lafeyette and this is all we saw for that two hour drive:

Corn, soy, clouds and flat flat flat. In Lafayette we got to hang out with Annie and Martin and their adorable girls. Girls girls girls!!! ;) Nick and Martin went shooting. What else would they do? We girls hung out at Annie's cottagey house and took a nice walk around Lafayette and just had a great time. Its funny how Annie and I are into the same things, and Nick and Martin are into the same things... we live parallel lives in other parts of the country. I think stopping in Lafayette on our way out of town should be a tradition! It makes leaving so much less depressing when we get to hang with good friends. :)

Then we drove uneventfully to Columbus and stayed in a hotel.

DAY 10

Before heading home we stopped by the German Village in Columbus. It was very neat with brick buildings and streets and a few shops. The highlight was a coffeehouse called "Cup O'Joe" which wasn't really German at all but had DELICIOUS coffee. yum yum. We stopped at Cabela's in Wheeling and with a little fussing and naps we survived. I think the best thing for the ride was the bag of Cheerios that Annie gave me. I would hand them to Isabel one at a time... and it kept her quiet and entertained for hours!! Thanks Annie!!!! You kept us from going a little more crazy than we already are! lol!

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