Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Settling back into the routine has been anything but "settling". Seems I have been home over a week and haven't gotten all the laundry done, I can barely keep up with the dishes and sweeping the floors and then I ended up with mastitis over the weekend that went away yesterday. On top of that we had to deal with a population of fleas that moved in while we were away (they seem to be gone thanks to Anna's suggestion of Borax!). And Isabel has been the ultimate grump. She used to be the happiest baby in the world, and now if we aren't going anywhere or doing anything social she is completely fussy and grumpy and is only quiet if she is sleeping. I think she is just a little social bee, wanting to buzz around and be cute for everyone. Well. Its cute until we bring her back in the house. ha.

I started cutting out squares for my first ever quilt. I cut out 5 of them before someone small desperately needed me. again. Someday I will make a quilt. I envision sitting around all day quilting when my kiddies grow up. In between quilting I will knit sweaters and hats for the grand babies. I will get nice and plump watching chick flicks and crafting all day. Actually, I thought of the perfect store in the world that I need to open. It would be a little fabric/yarn store in the downtown area with bolts of designer fabrics and bins of super soft yarns made of natural fibers. If I have room, I would also include paper-crafting supplies as well. There would be comfy chairs, couches and tables in the back for crafting and chatting. There would also be a kitchenette for coffee and tea making. Because caffeine and crafting were made for each other. :)

So all the little things combined with time outdoors, walking and the girls wading in their pool while their mommy hangs ridiculous amounts of laundry on the clothesline because the dryer isn't working well either. Did I mention the vacuum cleaner also broke? So I have been slightly overwhelmed since we returned home, as well as inspired to redecorate. Let me make it clear that being inspired and having the time to do are two different things entirely. so while I have so many great ideas, I don't have the time or money to put them into action. And I am secretly dreading winter. I mean, 2 days until August? Holy cow... then fall and winter. I hate winter. I just hate being cold and I am always cold. I wouldn't mind if it snowed all winter and I had a warm house. I do love snow. I love Christmas but would be perfectly happy celebrating it in Australia on the beach. I guess it wouldn't be as "cozy" but it would be warm.

I think I will stop rambling and go to bed.


Bridget said...

Not that I can do any of the crafting or knitting or quilting that you do, but I LOVE your store idea, and I'll come for the caffeine at least!

Kelly said...

Ahhhhh... oh can I relate to this post :)
You know Isabel might be teething or something and when you are out, she's just more distracted.

Remember two things: growth spurts are coming (they'll come soon enough which means lots of sleepy time for the littles and crafty time for you), and when you think that you are absolutely going to loose your mind, youtube has ten minute baby einstein videos. I don't let my kids watch very much tv, but letting them watch those while I sit and have a coffee or take a ten minute knitting break on a rough day is a sanity saver.

Excellent shop idea. It would look so cute on the main street there.

Clare said...

Yeah Bridget, we will have crayons for people who don't really craft. And I will keep some Coke on hand too. ;)

Kelly- you are probably right about the teething. I had thought of that, but she just doesn't have any other teething symptoms. I guess Anastasia was never bothered by her teeth so we aren't used to ultra-grumpy teething babies. Thanks for the Baby Einstein tidbit. We have a couple of the videos too I should dig out and give a try.

Annie said...

OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU. These are my feelings of late. Minus the fleas (SO sorry for you) and the mastitis (even more sorry for you) but including the broken dryer, grumpy kids, and desperate desire to do SOMETHING for myself, but never having time or money to make it happen. *sigh* Someday.