Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Days 1-2

We left at 11pm friday night and after a very smooth car ride (including a nap at a rest stop) we arrived in Munster at Grandma and Grandpas around 1:3o. We relaxed and napped the first day and had a surprise visit in the evening by Jimmy and Carolyn, and Shelly and Ashley. It was tiring, but great to see family again.


We started the day right with a midwestern breakfast at a 24-hour diner, as we did almost every day on our trip. And we had Gayety's icecream:

Poor Isabel wasn't feeling her best, and came down with a bad cough. Poor thing. She recovered quickly. We also went to Cabelas, a sportsman's paradise. I didn't buy anything, but did really well on the shooting gallery. Anastasia loves the glass elevators and all the animals. What fun!

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