Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting ready...

Unfortunately Anastasia came down with a yucky little cold... and Isabel and I are fighting it or getting it. So needless to say, moral has been a little low around here. Watching Totoro and Lady and the Tramp (I forgot how great this movie is!) have been lifesavers for my sanity. Its 10:30am and Anastasia is STILL sleeping, so I hope that she wakes up feeling better.

I have been trying to get items for the car ready while simultaneously making creative meals out of all perishable items in the fridge. Don't ask me how I ended up with loads of watermelon, a pineapple, half of a cantaloupe and a BIG bag of sweet cherries... all to be eaten by Friday, packed for the trip or composted. Not to mention all the dairy and farmer's market produce loaded up in my fridge. So onto the cute stuff, I made wing-less fairy outfits for some little babies I picked up from Target. they are only about 8inches tall, and I bought them for the trip, one for each girl, but Anastasia saw them and has adopted them both.
The hats were my favorite part. But I think these will be the only handmade outfits theses teenie little dolls will ever get. The sleeves on the flower dress were more than I could bear. Never again. I also made the little fairy book on the left below (notice a theme yet?). It is just some sketch book paper, a few printed fairy coloring pages, folded and sewn together with a cereal box. Easy peasy, and practically free.

I found the flower fairy coloring pages here. I adjusted the printer settings to print 2 per page and they were the perfect size. I know there are a lot of folks who are anti-coloring book, but I don't have a huge problem with them now and again.

I also added some Fairy stickers to some of the pages. My mom picked me up a Cicely Mary Barker fairy scrapbooking kit which had really lovely stickers.

I am thinking when the girls are older, these would make really great travel journals. Just put in a little drawstring bag with a glue-stick and a pen and colored pencils, and wa-la, you have a cheap creative outlet and documentation of all your adventures. And even though I am really usually a crayon and colored pencil person, long trips in the car generally weaken my lofty ideals and "less is more" mentality, and so when I found this Color Wonder stuff on clearance, I couldn't pass it up.

Ok, and let me tell you, I tried out the finger paints, and this stuff is AWESOME. I mean, really, really neat. So much for my lofty ideals, I have sold out. Actually when I was small, my mom used to buy me and my brother those magic ink activity books. Did you ever have these? We only got them on trips, so they were really really special. Color wonder is the new magic ink and more open-ended in my opinion. I am really hoping they buy us a couple of fuss-free hours. At least from Anastasia's end, I am a little more worried about this little monster:

Notice she is bathing in our sink with NEW faucet from Ikea. The greatest thing is there are actually handles (instead of previous nubs) and a faucet that swivels which is why Isabel is smiling in the picture, and not crying because she bonked her sensitive little head. For her, my mom bought her a backseat mirror that lights up and plays music. She rarely sees herself in mirrors, so I think it will be interesting for her for a little while. A friend lent us some baby toys she hasn't played with yet as well, so hopefully that will entertain her when the novelty of the car wears off.

I am hoping and praying the rest of us don't get sick, and that Anastasia doesn't get any ear infections because we have a very fun vacation to look forward to.

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