Monday, November 16, 2009


I am finally getting my Etsy shop up and running, and in case you haven't checked it, I just added this pencil roll: Notice the buttons that coordinate with the pencils.
And it rolls up nicely like a burrito. This is a HUGE hit with Anastasia and the one in my shop includes the easy-to-use Crayola "Write Start" pencils. This would make a lovely stocking stuffer or gift paired with a sketch book, don't you think?
We had a busy weekend including a trip to a consignment sale where I scored Christmas dresses for BOTH girls for $5. So much for making them! HA! I could never make them that cheap. We also went to a Fancy Nancy party at Borders and Anastasia had a blast. It was cute seeing all the little girls all dressed up. Anastasia just wore a tutu and I forgot to take pictures. She also was the only kid to spill their "milkshake" all down her shirt and all over the floor. Oops! Ah well. Yesterday the dollhouse usurped most of my day... so today the house is a wreck and I have great plans of putting all our pictures on Shutterfly and backing them up with discs. And handprint turkeys. hmmm. I better get busy!!!


Bumpkin Bears said...

this is a great idea and I LOVE the dolls house in your previous post, it is so cute! nice to have found your blog. Hugs, Catherine x

Clare said...

Thanks for the kind comment Catherine!! I am glad you like my blog! :)