Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Dollouse

Remember what it used to look like? Well I finally finished after a few weeks of work it looks like a whole new house!!! There was a point early on when we had really considered buying a new plastic dollhouse. I am very glad we didn't. The chimney was the biggest thing! It isn't perfect, but it looks so AWESOME!!! I actually enjoyed doing the river rock mosaic! And putting plaster of paris in all of the cracks in the "logs" was the hardest part. I HATE plaster of paris officially now. It said on the box it dries in 30 minutes... um, try 5 minutes! So I slathered the stuff into the cracks, scraped it off with a popsicle stick and then wiped it down 80 times with a sponge. It was worth it I tell you. It truly was. Overall it was SO MUCH FUN. I want to make another one!!! All of you miniature fanatics out there, I totally understand your passion!!!!!! And the inside with the new fireplace:

The entire project cost me around $30, ($12.50 was just the scalloped trim!!! But it really does make the house so sweet.) Plus my mom paid $8 for the house, so it was less than $40 total which makes it WAY cheaper than any of the dollhouses I would have otherwise bought for the girls. Up next: felted rugs, curtains, beds and a few Christmas decorations!! Sadly the girls have seen the dollhouse already since I really couldn't work on it without really watching them so I hope they forget about it until in makes is debut under the tree Christmas morning. And I bought some little battery operated Christmas lights at Michaels to put on the front, and I have a few other Christmas decorations for the outside, so it will still be a great surprise I hope!!! Oh, I can't wait for Christmas this year!!! As my babies grow up it gets more fun!!!


jojoebi said...

it looks great I am sure the girls are going to love it!

Clare said...

Thanks Jo! I am really proud of it! Everytime Anastasia saw it she wanted to play with it... so I know it will be great that she will have it to play with on Christmas morning!