Friday, October 23, 2009

A New Project

So my mom picked up this log cabin-style dollhouse at Goodwill for $8.
It needs some serious help! But I want to give it to the girls for Christmas along with some cute furniture and Calico Critters. The outside needs some TLC but the thing is quite sturdy.

I sanded down the inside, but there is still glue stuck on it in places, and some of the finish leaked in from the outside. I think I am going to try and get everything off of the inside and leave it unfinished and add some pictures, a little painted border and knit some little rugs.

The chimney doesn't look so bad in the picture, but it real life it is really yucky. It looks like someone sprinkled pepper all over it. Its really gross. I want to get some sort of plaster and put it on the outside of the chimney and make a mosaic out of small pebbles. That would be so nice! And I am *thinking* of painting the wood on the outside of the dollhouse a dark brown and fill in the spaces with some white plaster. Something like this:

Please excuse my unprofessional, uneven drawing... but it gives you a sense of my dream for the little place!! I really want shutters, a nice door with hinges and the scalloped edging along the roof and the windows but have you seen the prices of dollhouse supplies? Holy cow. It is cheaper almost to decorate your own house!! Or atleast comparable. If anyone has any great ideas, please help!! I have never tackled a dollhouse project and I don't have A TON of patience. It doesn't have to be PERFECT, just kinda pretty. Like a little gingerbread house. And then I can decorate it with candy and it will be Oh so exciting for 2 little girls on Christmas morning!


lolaforpresident said...

$8? That is such an amazing dollhouse. I bet you can have all kinds of fun sewing little things for the dolls that will be occupying it.

Pink & Green Mama said...

Adorable!! You could try gluing some small stones to the chimney with some kind of plaster/grout.

Also the Laura Ingalls Wilder picture books for younger children would be a lovely gift to accompany the log cabin.

Totally jealous - my girls would love it-- it's perfect!