Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"...we'll fill our mouths with Cinnamon..."

I keep getting "Sons and Daughters" by the Decemberists stuck in my head. Its so anti-war that I really hope our enemies are jammin' out to it, getting it stuck in their heads and taking it to heart. And look at the new little cook in the family: She started standing up... alone yesterday! And, she can say some words. She says "nigh nigh" and waves her hand before bed. She also says "kittykittykitty" to cats, and her new red panda stuffed animal that does in fact, resemble a cat. She sometimes repeats things I say, and even says "mo" for more, and waves her hands. I have been trying to teach her a little sign language but she pretty much just waves her hands for everything she wants that I taught her a sign for. I also decided to start trying to potty train her using the lame-titled "Elimination Communication" method. I originally thought it was crazy and a little over-the-top. But now I know the real crazies are the people with 2 CHILDREN IN DIAPERS. Cloth or disposables... all I do, all day is change diapers. Anastasia wants nothing to do with the potty unless it involves washing her hands so Isabel is my only hope. So basically I just try and get Isabel to go after her naps, first thing in the morning, when it looks like she is pooping, and 10-15 minutes after nursing. Maybe it is a little crazy... but it actually works!!!!! And she loves using the potty! I thought I had to try with her because she keeps getting rashes within minutes after she poops (and I really do mean minutes) thanks to her sensative, ginger fair-skin. And she HATES having poopy diapers so I hope I am not really going insane, and that this actually is working. haha.

I love how angelic my girls look in the above picture! haha. If only they were as sweet as they look! :) Today Anastasia bit Isabel in the back while they were in the sandbox... Isabel has not been happy since! Sibling rivalry starts way to early doesn't it? ;) So everyday Anastasia asks multiple times about getting a new cat for Christmas. Oh how I want to get her a new cat... so bad. But I do not want an indoor cat (ok, Nick doesn't want an indoor cat) so it would have to be a porch/outdoor/sometimes indoor cat and I am so worried for another Figaro-like fate. I can't take the sadness again but I mean, one of Isabel's first words was "kitty" and Anastasia keeps telling me she will "hold it nice, like a baby" if I get her a cat. *sigh* how my heart does melt for those big brown eyes. And if I get a cat from a shelter, it would be like saving it from death-row anyway right? I miss Figaro. It would be perfect if he were still here.

Nick is coming home late, the girls are cranky and I am hungry. Time to cook some lentils and rice. Yum!

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