Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good sad fun

Isabel's party was perfect for her. She seemed to have such a perfect day! (Pictures to come). That being said, it has been somewhat a sad week and weekend with regards to people we know (or people we know of) losing a child or loved one. Almost everyone I invited to Isabel's party didn't come. Some cancelled the day of. I nearly cried the morning of her party because of how hard I worked to make it so nice and how prepared I was to accommodate all the people who I thought were coming. Thankfully my parents, my aunt, uncle and cousin (who had a friend die the night before), and Ben and Anna and their 3 sweet girls (all of whom Anastasia adores) came. It ended up being a very nice, relaxed party, with TONS of food and good company. Isabel loved all the attention and liked ripping up the paper, and eating lasagna and cake. It was a perfect day for her.

All the death that seems to be happening around us, really started me thinking about faith, and how when the times are good people seem to lose faith in God or anything beyond themselves. I think people feel as though they actually have control over their own lives and destiny, and the lives of others. Death is a reminder that we really don't. There was once a time when people had to fear for their children's lives on a daily basis, and generally lost several children to disease, infection and injuries. We are all so protected from these harsh realities thanks to modern technology and medicine that we don't have to see death all that often. And compared to our ancestors we live very long lives. To believe in a God who is in control is considered a crutch to some. The truth is, the human spirit longs for continuity of life after death. We allow those we love to live on in our memories and in our hearts and often still feel connected to them, as if they are always a part of us. How else can one cope when a loved one dies? How can one have hope at all if we are born, doomed to die? At one time people had faith because they couldn't rely on all the things we rely on so heavily now. Now people turn their hearts from a loving God because they believe they do not need Him. Someday we will all have to face death ourselves. It could be tomorrow. Where is your hope? In all the things you have on earth that will mean nothing, or in the things of Heaven? Maybe in uncertain times, these are the questions we should be asking and seeking the truth out before it is too late.

Sorry for an unusually deep blog tonight. My heart has been so heavy this week for others who have been hurting. But Isabel did indeed have nice, little party.

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