Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Patch!

Last weekend we went to the Leaf Festival followed by a trip to the pumpkin patch! Anastasia has been BEGGING me to go to a farm, ride the hayride and get a pumpkin so it was great to finally make her dream come true (atleast one dream anyway!). She had a blast! And Isabel had fun too.
We enjoyed picking grass for the horses. I used to be a bit aprehensive of horses, but I guess living in the country really helped me warm up to them! And maybe the fantasy novels I have been indulging in has helped me see horses in a whole new light. Since Anastasia LOVES horses and ponies, this was very exciting for her. We had a neighbor move in a few months ago who I think has ponies, or is getting some. I wanted to bake her some pumpkin bread the other day, but it was really dry and not sweet enough and I would be ahamed to make it for her. Maybe next week we will bake something, and introduce ourselves and apologize for my husbands loud gunshots that she will forever endure living down the street from us! lol.

Anastasia LOVED the hayride. Last time we went on a hayride, she was scared and cried most of the way... this time she LOVED it. And we picked our own pumpkins and picked an apple from some barrels under their apple trees!

It was very atmospheric sitting on hay bales pulled by a tractor, seeing the mountains in the distance and gnarly apple trees, with apples in our mouths as well.

Mmm Fall. I loved you that day at the pumpkin patch. I hate you on this cold, cold, rainy day as I am stuck inside with two grumpy children who thought that 6am was a good time to get up today. Maybe for them it was a fine time to get up. 4 hours later they are little grumpmeisters. And I was up until 1am MAKING A FAIRY COSTUME!!! Hooray I am finished!! Well, 92% finished anyway. I need to make the flower crown, a flower wand and adjust the straps a bit. And let me give some words of wisdom to any of you talented (or not) seamstresses who are considering sewing a costume for your child: STAY AWAY FROM CHEAP COSTUME SATIN!!!!!! The stuff is EVIL. It frays in every direction, and then makes up new directions just so it can fray in those ways too!! I hate Hate HATE it. Ok, I feel better now.
Other than dealing with that stuff, the costume turned out well. It fits her really snug, which is really cute, but I will probably have to add some stips of fabric down the sides to widen it a bit in a couple of months. And it is hard to get on and off, which is not really ideal for the dress-up box. Alas, she only has to look perfect for 1 night right? I think we can pull that off.


lolaforpresident said...

What lucky girls, to have a mom that takes them out so much. They are quite the little explorers. :)

Clare said...

Thanks!! :) My girls get really sick of being inside at home for too long. Like their mama.