Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Pumpkins

Today I took the girls to Great Country Farms where we met up with my friend Andrea and her daughters Kaylee and Sammie (my God-daughter). It was SO MUCH FUN!! It was a perfect day and I ended up staying 6 1/2 hours because the girls were having such a ball! The red of her hair just kills me. I love it so:
Perhaps we should have saved our money and took the girls to a junkyard! LOL. They are quite a duo these two, let me tell you:

They walk around holding hands, having conversations, and giggling and it melts my heart in a dozen ways.

Here was a random wall of Jack-O-Lanterns. I really have no idea what this was, or is for, but it was kinda cool:

The scenery was so majestic! This building was by these goats that climb in trees. I am not kidding. There were really goats in the trees!!!! How awesome is that?

We have been so busy with everything, and it has all been really fun, but I hope things wind down just a bit now so we can get back into school and crafting. I do love fall and feel this urgent need to spend every nice day outside because I know the nice days are disappearing for a while.


Mary said...

Your girls have matching outfits! How sweet!! (Who carved all of those pumpkins?!)

Clare said...

I love it when I put them in matching outfits!! I am such a nerd like that! haha. And I have no idea who carved ALL those pumpkins! They were cool though.