Friday, October 2, 2009


Now:About a year ago:
Isabel is turning one today. The lasagnas are made, the cupcakes are baked, and the house is still semi-clean. It is so hard to believe how fast this year has gone by. Last fall in our new home with our new baby was such a cozy time. Isabel was such a happy baby in her little basket by the woodstove. Although she is not as content with everything that comes her way like she used to be, she is still a total sweetheart (with attitude when she doesn't get her way). She is a total social bee and loves being the center of attention (meaning tomorrow should be a very good day for her). She loves making people laugh and will repeat activities over and over until we stop laughing. She just started carrying on conversations with us, in little grunts or blabs when we wait for an answer. She is also starting to want everything her sister has, gets or does. She spends her free time looking for trouble, going through cabnets, finding and eating crayons, and making really big messes. She has 4 teeth and looks really goofy-cute with one big tooth on top, and the other top tooth barely poking through. She is still in every way, completely a baby. My baby. I can't believe she is turning one.


lolaforpresident said...

Congratulations. Mine is turning a year old in November. I just love to look at your little girls. They are just so happy.

Sorry about you cat.If you want another one, I have the perfect one, if you are willing to drive to wyoming. lol

Happy Birthday! :)

Clare said...

Do cats ship well I wonder? just kidding. Thanks Lola! I have decided not to take a cat from someone I know... because it is extra sad if something bad happens. The first year goes by so fast.