Monday, October 5, 2009

Isabel's Party

Isabel really enjoyed her party. She fell asleep just before everyone came over, had a nice nap and was ready to rock by the time the party started. She is wearing Anastasia's first birthday hat that Nick's mom bought her in the above picture. When Anastasia was a little baby, my aunt's friend gave Anastasia this huge hand-me-down angry dog ball pit:

Despite the fact that it looks like he wants to eat little children while puking balls, the girls really loved it... for a little while. And since I was going with a polka-dot theme, this just took it to the next level.

And while we were hanging out on the porch, Anastasia found some presents. Here she is under arrest with proof stuck to her dress:

It was really nice that we used the porch for almost the entire party! It was so perfect because we finally can see the mountain from our porch now that the leaves are falling off the trees in the way.

Anastasia is OBSESSED with cupcakes, and has been asking to make them for Isabel's birthday for a while now. Then of course, when I asked her if she wanted to help me, she was too busy playing and could care less that I was making her badly wanted cupcakes. Instead, the morning of the party, she broke into the fridge and licked the frosting off of a bunch of them. These remained and are the prettiest cupcakes I have ever made.

Usually my cupcakes turn out very ugly and globby. After we at lasagna, bread, and salad for dinner, we opened gifts. Isabel had so much fun with the paper! We were glad she only had a few gifts because she was done unwrapping after the first few. She also made a point to throw all the clothes right on the ground... so we all know how she feels about clothes as presents. Here she is putting paper on her head like the little funnyface she is:And here is the really cute cake my mom made for Isabel! I love all the dots! I still have a bunch left. Yum. She made Isabel her own tiny cake which she devoured:

I also made these really cute cupcake pops from Bakerella . They were really, really, yummy though a bit time consuming. They are very addicting and I want to make more for halloween shaped like pumpkins!
I think if you make these 2-3 days before a party they would be great! Otherwise it is a lot of work if you wait until the last minute. Like me. I meant to give them out as favors for everyone and I completely forgot!!! Oops. So we have had to eat them. It has been so horrible, let me tell you. ;)

2 cups of coffee down, I better go hang laundry and start my day!


Annie said...

Aaaaw, happy birthday, Isabel! Did I already comment on one of the other posts? Oh well. Happy birthday again. I love the cake picture, and your cupcakes are super adorable. If we had been invited and if we had our own very fast jetplane that Martin knew how to fly, we would have come.

btw, my word verification for this comment is "ballysue." Is that silly!

Clare said...

Thanks Annie! I know you would have come! ;) I guess you will just have to save up for the jet plane so you can make it next year! haha.

Wendle said...

Sorry we had to be one of those who canceled:( It ended up being a good thing b/c I ended up getting pretty sick Sat. night. The party looked like it was super cute though! And I love Bakerella! The pops looked like they were worth the effort!

Bridget said...

Cupcake pops?! Wow! What a cool idea!

Clare said...

Wendy- Don't feel bad, I know you are pregnant and I completely understand. I was mostly dissapointed in the petty issues with my family. ;)

Bridget- they were awesome!