Friday, November 20, 2009

First Custom Order... and things

Aren't they so cute? I recieved a message with a request for gnomes wearing the colors of the rainbow! I think it was such a brilliant idea and they just melt my heart. Especially the red-haired gnome with the purple hat. Pricing my items is so hard! I want a balance between getting a fair dollar for my work, yet also making my handmade goods available to a broad range of people. These gnomes are easy, take very little time, can be made while watching kids, a movie, listening to music, sipping coffee, or even on the road or at a park. I doubt I will make enough to pay taxes, and I don't have to pay for gas to get to work or childcare. So now I will see how much Etsy and Paypal take from me, and re-price my goods accordingly. :)
I am so excited about advent this year! I have been reading quite a few posts and stealing other people's ideas about doing different activities and reading Christmas books for advent. Then my mom picked up the book, "Before and After Christmas" that has activities from December 1st through Epiphany. I also have been researching some Christmas traditions from our various nationalities that make up our very American mutt heritage! I had thought of buying the cute Playmobil forest advent calender, but I thought that perhaps that was a little more "materialistic" than the true spirit of Christmas that I am going for. I have seen people make Christmas Villages and I really, really think that is a lovely idea. I am thinking of putting up the nativity on day 1 and expanding on that. Some days we will bake cookies, make gingerbread houses (perhaps decorate a graham cracker one instead), see Christmas lights, and make gifts for family and friends! I have so many ideas, and want to have a very special, very simple, non-consumer Christmas. :) I hope to organize my activities this weekend, along with adopting the very Czech tradition of "cleaning one's house prior to advent."
And today it is sunny, so we have a trip to the park with a new friend. With children, the fun and "to-do" lists never end! :)

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