Monday, December 7, 2009

Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

A few weeks ago, Nick built me my own little craft space in our craft-pantry-pet lair-mudroom! My brother was getting rid of the 2 rolling carts, so I adopted them and put them to good use as well. It was perfect timing with the opening of my little etsy shop and everything! I can see my little craft nook from our kitchen, and it is very inspiring and organized looking (I can't say the same about the rest of the room). And the best thing? We have a baby gate that keeps the kids out of there. (I wish I could say the same for the cat as he has a good time knocking my projects on the floor and kicking them around a bit.) It is SO NICE having a place where I can leave projects, and I don't have to lug my machine to the kitchen for each project I have to do. It is really, really great. Everyone should have one. Sadly for everyone else, I got the only Nick like mine, who builds me stuff. And look what came in the mail!!!:
Thanks to my etsy shop's success, I was able to purchase some wool felt!!! I bought the Christmas bundle from Colonial Crafts and 2-1/2 yards of purple and green. They seemed to have the best prices around, and the colors are so earthy, wooly and just lovely!!! And the presentation made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning! And last year Anastasia recieved a really great cat-shaped tape measure in her stocking. I used it quite a bit, but she made sure it was in her toy box, not in my sewing stash. Apparently Ten Thousand Villages sells them too, and my mom picked one up for me:

So cute, it makes measuring things better than ever!! And its fair-trade to boot!
I don't know about you, but we had the lovliest snow on Saturday!!!

It is so rare in Virginia to get a decent snow this early! We rarely get snow in December, and this one was at least 6 inches!!! And so pretty! We had good sledding, and built a snow man. Even Isabel liked it (which really says a lot!!!).
On Saturday night, St. Nicholas also stopped by:Apparently you can leave carrots for his donkey but we didn't realize that. Sorry for the bad picture, the lighting in here is SO bad. We also visited friends for a gathering for the feast of St. Nicholas and because we were out so late, Isabel slept through the night!!!!!!!! It was the best sleep I have had in 14 months. Too bad Isabel is so grumpy today (and everyday we stay at home). Hopefully we can get some sledding in this afternoon... before the snow melts away! I wish you all a lovely second week of advent!! And soon I will have a break from making gnomes and pizzas and can blog more regularly again!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to tell you that your little Christmas gnomes are so cute and inspiring! I hope you're enjoying your projects & especially in your new workspace! We have 3 little bedrooms over here but when Charlie was leaving our room he went right in with his sister so we could keep our little "studio" space. It IS so nice to be able to leave your things out, although mine aren't as organized as yours! It makes it much easier to go in and whip a few stitches whenever you can steal a moment. Have fun, enjoy the season.

Bridget said...

You guys had 6 inches of snow??? Wow. We barely got 2!

Clare said...

Hi Stephanie! Thanks! I am glad you liked the gnomes so much! They are my #1 seller! I love my workspace... though no longer organized. Merry Chrismtas to you too!

And yes Bridget we got that much snow!