Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowed In

(The above picture was from the previous snow.)
I cannot believe how much SNOW we got!!!! This is Virginia! And we got a blizzard on Saturday! Atleast 20 inches or so!!!! We were pretty much snowed in all weekend (except for going to church last night)! And it is so insanely deep! Here is our house in the snow:

I took Anastasia in the snow, sadly we don't have appropriate snow gear because it never snows here. It was so deep, and cold we were out for maybe 20 minutes before declaring it too cold. It was too dry for snowmen and sledding. But it was perfect for making snow ice cream (lots of snow+milk+sugar+vanilla) that tasted better when it melted a bit as a "shake". Can you believe how deep it is?

I love snow. We haven't had a blizzard here since '96. I love being cozy, and warm and "snowed in". I actually have been getting some Christmas presents finished.
And we made "gingerbread" houses out of graham crackers. I included all the details at Sylvan Hollow. So check it out!

Today is the first day of winter... and only 4days until Christmas!! Woohoo! Can you tell I am excited? We are going to probably have a white Christmas if this snow sticks around. I really want to watch "White Christmas" in the worst way too. I love snow.

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Jennifer said...

How fun and simple!! I love it. We will have to try that next year!