Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday monday.

I woke this morning to the sound of Christmas ornaments crashing on the ground. I jumped out of bed, swept up the broken glass, and Anastasia came in with another glass ball, "Look mommy! I got another one!" I started the coffee, and oatmeal, and fed Isabel some cheerios and she dropped a cheerio on the cat. The food-agressive dog lunged at (and tried to eat) the cat. The dog went outside. I set out my gnomes and freshly painted mushrooms on my sewing table before I went to bed (at 1:30 am mind you) and the cat found them to be an awesome toy. The mushrooms were gone. The gnomes were scattered on the floor. UGH. The cat, and dog spent the morning outside. And Isabel is sick with a yucky cold. So it was a miserable monday morning.

It got better. We went and joined the exciting consumerist society and went shopping for new boots for Anastasia. We had no luck after walking the entire mall (and getting free rides on those moving ride things). She won't wear any shoes except these boots I found at a thrift store for $1. And the zipper got stuck on one of them... making it a huge pain. So we found boots she liked (after looking at like 20 pairs) but they didn't have her size. So after 2 hours of shopping (which was more like looking, and was lots of fun because everyone was happy) we came home and ordered the boots she wanted, in her size online. Hooray for the internet! And I saved $3. It is possibly the first pair of new shoes I have bought for her (her grandparents have bought most of her "new" shoes, and I have really good luck thrifting).

So it was a crazy day, but ended with hot cocoa and a Christmas movie for Anastasia and I. I am sort of celebrating my etsy success... 15 orders in 3 weeks! It was very exciting! Now I am taking a Christmas break, and hopefully will get some cards done, crafts made and cookies baked! And I have some great ideas for January for my shop... so hopefully the excitement isn't completely over for Little Red Whimsy. It is amusing that all the money I have made, I have not even spent any of it on myself yet... and I am itching for a little bit of new fabric for the couch pillows that I am sick of looking at! Hopefully I won't be such an absentee blogger... and I am so glad there is only one monday in every week. :)

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Kelly said...

Well I hope your Tuesday is a little better. Congratulations on your shop success!! That is so darn exciting!