Monday, December 21, 2009

Window Shopping

Last week my mom and I took a stroll through downtown Fredericksburg and did a little Christmas shopping... and a little window shopping. These pictures are from the windows of a shop called Whittingham. I love the store, but the windows are just AMAZING. They always have something nice up their sleeves for Christmas!
They need a sign reading, "and this is why we bought a cat."

I also love that on the same street, there is a cat store, and a dog store. This completes the circle.

And completely besides the point, have you seen Gingerbread Snowflakes yet? And her sweet, sweet, oh. so. sweet, advent calender??????? I really am just in AWE at how beautiful it is!!! And there are pictures coordinating with holidays like St. Nicholas on the 6th, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and St Lucia!!!!!!!! Ah!!!!!!! I am so in love and want one too! And so many of her posts have a lovely, Mexican feel... which melts my heart too! *sigh* Window shopping is just so much fun! No money. No pressure. No problem.

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