Friday, March 28, 2008

As Promised

Happy Easter from the Annabunny! She even did a little bunny dance when we put her ears on!

Here are all the lovely treats the Easter Bunny left for Anastasia (and us). My favorite part are the little kissing chocolate bunnies for Nick and I!!! We also received this great game (for grown-ups and kids) called Sleeping Queens. I highly recommend it. There is also the lovely basket of wooden food, a boat, a stuffed bunny and some pin wheels! Sorry the picture is a little blurry.One of the MANY reasons for me to get a new camera!!!

And here is my super cutie in her little Easter dress! Had to show it off :) And to the left is my serious little egg hunter! She did so great by her second egg hunt! And finally (below) are some of the cherry blossoms by the Jefferson Memorial compliments of Japan!!! Sorry for the uneveness of this post. I tried to fix it!! I really did!

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