Friday, March 14, 2008

Springy Time

Here are (finally) some pictures I took of Anastasia. My camera has not been cooperative with its uploading procedures... and I am secretly hoping for a nice, new camera with our "economic stimulus package" check that we are SUPPOSED to get in May? I just have to convince Nick of the necessity of a high-quality camera when you have a cute little baby. If anyone has cameras that they LOVE please let me know. I have an HP Photosmart with 3.2 Mega pixels and I am definitely aiming for atleast 4mp. Mine takes fairly nice outdoor pictures but really sucks inside unless the lighting is just right. I am anxious for a camera that you can adjust the shutter speed and focus manually, but I am not wanting to spend TOO much money ($400-ish). I do like the durability of my HP as I have owned it for 3 years, and had to return it once for a broken screen. So I guess I have owned 2 of the same camera for 3 years.


Annie said...

Those pictures are adorable!!!! Aaaah, I love little girls. So cute! And such a cute little hat--did you make it?? I love it.

Also, I noticed on your sidebar of links, petfinder!! That's where we found Dexter the dog last night! Pretty great.

I don't have much camera advice. I adore my digital camera but it's nothing special.. it's a Nikon CoolPix. I love it because it's so tiny and it takes pretty good pictures. It's not so great with the flash turned off--stuff comes out blurry. But I think it takes great pictures for what it is. I love it.

Clare said...

Yeah girls are super fun! I was at Target trying to find some cute matching boy clothes for a friend's new baby and toddler and the boys selection was SO LAME! I love pet finder, although we didn't find our dog, we used it quite a bit during our search. Good luck with Dexter!

Clare said...

Oh, and I didn't make the hat... I actually bought it at a consignment shop for $2. She doesn't like hats very much, so I can't bring myself to buy yarn and spend hours knitting one for her to refuse to wear.

Bridget said...

That is one cute little lady!!!

We have a Kodak Easy Share camera. It works well for us. It takes video, but you need alot of light in order for the vids to come out any good.