Friday, March 28, 2008

Too Much Fun

I think Anastasia has been spoiled with having too much fun lately... because she is so grumpy today!!! Which is a pain because my legs are so SORE after a trip to DC yesterday... with baby in her backpack carrier.

We had a very nice Easter... I officially became Catholic and recieved sacraments which was pretty powerful and exciting! We also took A. to a friends house for a egg hunt with 5 other kids and 275 eggs! Anastasia was far more excited by all the little kids than the actual egg hunt. So Nick and I helped her. On Easter I put about a dozen eggs in a small area, and she finally grasped the concept of putting eggs in her basket... so next year, she should be a pro! She just has to learn how not to tip her basket backwards and dump the eggs on the ground!

The Easter Bunny also made a visit to Anastasia this year. He brought her a basket of wooden food that she has played with more than any other toy ever and I have had loads of complements about! And she recieved some gardening tools and some pinwheels and an AWESOME wooden boat. And of course he brought her a realistic-looking stuffed bunny that she constantly hugs and carries around. She hasn't really picked a specific "lovey" yet... but I think she is leaning towards her Snow Bear she got from Santa. She loves her bunny, Slushy (her little husky), her little black cat and she likes snuggling with blankets but she always has extra hugs and kisses for her Snow Bear. We will see though. Nick and I were blankie kiddies.

We have been to a couple parks this week. I took her to Lunga, which is on a pond and where I went as a kid. I took Anastasia to feed the ducks, but she wanted to go swimming with them. So I had to drag a crying toddler away from the water. I felt like the bad mom with an out-of-control kid who was the only kid crying at the park. I assume this is a normal occasion for a parent of a very strong-willed child as I am constantly taming tantrums and trying to distract her from things she absolutely has to have. Sometimes I just can't help but laugh at her defiance. :)

Yesterday we went to DC with my mom and Caitlin. We went to see the Cherry Blossoms in full bloom and to the National Zoo. I was so proud of my parking spot at a meter right in front of the zoo. I made a U-Turn on Conneticut Ave. (possibly illegal) but was like 50 feet from the Entrance so it was worth it. Anastasia LOVED the zoo and all the animals. Especially the sloth bears that were playing with a ball right next to the glass! The red pandas (my favorite) were not there and the Giant Pandas were kind of boring (as they usually are). But we overall had a great time!! And now I am paying for it!! :)

So that is what I have been up to... and why I haven't been able to post much! Hopefully I can upload some pictures later if my camera cooperates!! Anyhow, happy Spring!


Annie said...

You haven't been Catholic until now? I had no idea! Welcome to the Church! I wish we had a zoo closer to Lafayette... but my sister-in-law lives only a few minutes from the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, so that's not so bad!

Bridget said...

Yes, congrats, Clare! Very exciting stuff! And I LOVE all the Anastasia pictures! She's such a little sweetie! Keep the pics coming!

Clare said...

Hey thanks! I was baptised Catholic, and rasied Protestant... so this was a HUGE step for me. but very exciting!