Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hooray for Peace!

It has been a rough few weeks with a teething baby who can barely sleep for 20 minutes alone. So long as I hold her she can sleep, but her teeth seem to bother her and wake her otherwise. I bought these Caring Naturals Homeopathic drops. I am always skeptic about homeopathic remedies as I believe it is sometimes psychological and we believe something will help us so it does (not that this is a bad thing). I was willing to give it a go, and I think they actually worked! She was a little less fussy all morning, and fell asleep in her high chair... all by herself and has been sleeping IN HER CRIB for 20 minutes. She also slept better last night. She has only been taking one nap a day, so hopefully I can get another 40 minutes out of this one!

I have been scrap booking my heart out with my free pictures from CVS. It is amazing how different Anastasia is now than last May!! Wow! In some ways it is easier now that she can walk around and entertain herself, in other ways it is harder as I spend half of my life cleaning up after her. I just love the little person she has become. Well I better spend this nap time getting some more scrap booking done...

Oh, and I think I will sew some little flat felt animals and food and put some heavy duty magnets inside so Anastasia has a little magnet collection she can play with on the fridge while I work in the kitchen. I will make them the perfect size for Easter eggs! I just had to buy some more wool felt from Lucky for me it was on sale and I got $2 off of their shipping charges.

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