Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"You've gotta be kidding me!!!"

I went to Michaels today to (finally) have my bunny picture framed. I have a 50% off coupon so assuming Nick had something larger framed in an upscale framing shop in Georgetown for around $100, I was expecting it to be somewhere between $50-75. THis is Michael's mind you, not uppity Georgetown with tree lined-brick sidewalks and an art gallery on every other corner. So I pick out the frame and mat for my $25 print, and the lady who seemed nice and helpful at first told me the total price after my 50% discount was going to be $170!!! What the.....???? You mean to tell me it was going to cost $340 before my discount, and thanks to the generosity of Michaels sending me a coupon you are going to charge me $170!!! I wanted to explain to her that Michaels is not what I would consider a high-end framing store and for $170 I could buy all the tools needed to frame the darn thing myself and have plenty left over to buy some original art work from a gallery in Georgetown! And she had the odacity to look at me like I was crazy for not anticipating this minor major expense! She told me my order was placed once she pushed the button and I had to tell her that I was not going to pay for it! So now I am going to look for tutorials online to frame it myself. For that kind of money, I should seriously open my own frame shop!!

Sorry for ranting. It was just a jaw-dropping experience. On another note, I am so excited that Spring is in the air!! My mom's flowers are starting to bloom and it has been in the 50's all week!! I love it!! Anastasia had such a blast last year outdoors in the warmer seasons so I look forward to spending loads of time outdoors at our new house!!! and going hiking and to the beach, etc. I was a little sad that we weren't moving to the midwest at first because I was totally looking forward to all the yummy food and culture of Chi-Town. Now with Spring around the corner, I can not imagine spending Spring anywhere but here. And we won't be TOO far from my favorite place... the OCEAN!! I think that is what I would have missed the very most. Plus NYC is only a 4-hour drive if I am in desperate need of some little Italy tiramisu and some serious city culture. One weekend there and you genuinely appreciate the country side in a whole new way. :)

Well that is all folks, with Easter around the corner and flowers popping up all around... March is definately a nice month to be in!

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