Thursday, October 23, 2008

An Apply Day

My parents came to visit yesterday and we went out to Roy's orchard for some seriously delicious apples. They didn't have pick-your-own which was probably good because it wouldn't have been easy with a toddler and newborn... even with 3 of us adults.
Here is Isabel sporting her apple attire. In her apple and pear covered car seat! I am such a nerd I know... I love all the coordinated items. Even Anastasia wore her apple shirt. How cute is that?

Anastasia's favorite part were Roy's cows. Especially when the mama cow mooed.

The most popular place in the house these days is in Isabel's basket. Anastasia loves to climb in with her. Don't they look like little canoers-in-training? I am so proud. It must be because we live in "the canoe capital of Virginia." I am sure we have a lot of competition for that title. Even Leia attempted to curl up in the basket a few times when it was empty. Silly dog. It kind of makes me want a big basket to curl up in. Anyhow, the posts have been few and far between. I have been successfully carting two girls around and it really isn't so bad. Anastasia has been awesome on our trips with little fussing and fits lately. I have been trying to emphasize the importance of her roll as a big sister and she seems to take it all in. We have been to Joann's, Michaels, Martins, the doctor and the library all on my own! Nick's parents are in town so I doubt I will be posting too much in the next few days. They did bring me a brand new HuskyStar sewing machine that my sister-in-law bought and never used!!! I am so excited!! Hopefully I will have some good naps next week to test it out during!!! I also have some fabrics I ordered from Etsy last week that should be coming in the mail soon! Until I steal some time away again... I wish everyone a GREAT weekend.


j'aime said...

hi clare, i am a friend of the hatkes and regina via christendom. i knew nick in college, as well. just wanted to say i really like reading your blog. your daughters are beautiful, and your craftiness is delightful. cheers,

Wendle said...

I knew you would be fine:) You eventually learn how to make things easier on yourself. Happy sewing on your new machine. O and I saw the cutest AIO diaper someone had made out of the apple/pear material on Ebay and thought of you.

Clare said...

Hi J'aime! Nice to meet you. You don't still live in the Christendom area do you? Thanks for the kind comments!

Wendy, I have no idea how you had 2 kids on your own for 10 months!! My hat goes off to you!!! I don't know how you got ANYTHING done!!! Hope all is going well with Jason home again!!!