Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween '08

So Anastasia was a princess and Isabel my little pumpkin. We had a great evening after a bit of a trying day. Nick's dad fixed our dryer over the weekend which was a total blessing. Otherwise I would still be drowning in dirty laundry. Unfortunately I dried an orange crayon in the dryer with a load of clothes. I ruined 2 of my favorite things, salvaged almost everything else, and overlooked orange blotches on my diaper covers and newly handmade napkins. My "Life Is Good" shirt that fits so nicely and happened to be white was destroyed as well as a little sleeper with huskies on it belonging to Isabel. She would have outgrown it in a month anyway.

I also made sugar cookies and decorated them today. In the decorating process poor Anastasia reached for some sprinkles from a chair and fell out of the chair. She brought with her the entire container of sprinkles (to Leia's delight) and a glass of water (which didn't break!) and landed flat on her back. I was covered in icing and wiped my hands and Anastasia didn't scream for several seconds... it scared me... she totally had the wind knocked out of her for like 15 seconds or more. It seemed like an eternity and gave me a real scare. She cried for 10 minutes afterwards and needed to be cuddled. She was okay after that. Poor kid.

When Nick came home we went trick-or-treating at the Hibl's house and socialized a bit afterwards. Both girls had many admirers and Anastasia had a lot of fun but was slightly overwhelmed by all the kids there. She had a meltdown and we had to go but boy was she cute!!! It was fun while it lasted! So that was my crazy halloween. Thankfully everyone is okay and we have candy, cookies and pumpkin pie.


Annie said...

Super bummer about the orange crayon mishap! How annoying!!! But your girls sure are cuties and I'm glad Anastasia was okay... I am dreading true toddlerhood. All the falling down and bumps and bruises... yikes!

Clare said...

Despite the occasional scares, toddlerhood is really fun. I actually enjoy it more than babyhood honestly. I am getting over my crayon issue and feel more inclined to use the clothesline. :)