Monday, October 20, 2008

Monday ramblings...

We had another nice weekend... but way too short. Mondays are always a harsh reminder that we didn't win the lottery so Nick is actually at work today. Isabel has had a couple rough evenings of crying for an hour or so. I am sure it is milk related because she is also ultra-congested so I am now on Day 2 of a dairy-free diet.

Our dryer is still broken but I think I have the clothes-hanging thing down now. Our electric bill was down $30 last month so that is AWESOME. I have decided I would rather have a freezer than a dryer... especially for when Nick learns to hunt and we have a garden next year.

I finished Christmas shopping for the girls with a few crafts left to make them. I spent less than $50 on Anastasia... and only about $5 on Isabel for a silver-plated rattle in the clearance bin at Target. I may pick her up some nice wooden rattles if I can find any between now and Christmas. I got Anastasia a ride-on zebra and some playsilks from A Toy Garden. I have a few small items that I found via my travels to yard sales and thrift stores so we are set. I am considering a trip to Joann's today for some material for Isabel's stocking. I have a 50% off coupon and so I am thinking I might brave the public arena with 2 kids... all in the name of Christmas.

This is going to be a full week for us as we have a Dr. appointment tomorrow, Apple picking with my parents on Wednsday and then Nick's parents are driving here from Indiana on Thursday. I am trying to plan some evenings of desserts and wine and a breakfast or two for them while they are here. I smell apple pie on the horizon and a lack of self-control needed to lose my extra baby weight that is clinging to my tummy area. Any one have any good tummy-toning excercises other than crunches? I hate crunches with a passion. (Elementary PE still haunts me).

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Anna said...

Hey Clare, we have lived without a dryer for three years and yes it can be done! Remember to always hang shirts a little up from the waist draped over the line with the sleeves hanging down. THis helps them not get all funny and puckered.

We are loving all the pictures of the girls. They are so precious!