Monday, October 13, 2008

Swap Greatness

So as maybe I mentioned on here, I participated in another craft swap found on Melissa Goodsell's blog for a Stationary swap. I swapped with Erin and you can see pictures of what I made her on her blog. Here is most of what she sent me... minus Anastasia's crayon pouch:
I absolutely love the detail of the embroidery on the front, and all the colors she chose:

Here is Anastasia enjoying her little crayon/paper set:
I have been a bit void in posting, not so much because my newborn won't give me time to myself, but because with Nick home all the time, I have competition for the computer! lol. He is going back to work tomorrow, and I am so sad... and wondering what it will be like taking care of 2 all by myself! Yikes! I am inspired by the fact that I am not the only person in the world with more than one child to take care of. In fact, people have been doing this since Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel. It has been nice having back-up this past week and should be interesting to see how everything works out when Nick goes back to work. Hopefully I will be taking/posting more pictures soon!


Annie said...

She looks so much like her daddy in that picture! How cute!

I remember being terrified when Martin went back to work after Anja was born. He was so good with her and I was so lacking in motherly instinct that I was sure I'd manage to somehow accidentally kill her in the first hour I had her by myself.

I loved your pictures on Facebook! I can't remember if I commented on them there or not. She's such a cutie!!!

Bridget said...

Clare, I have to say, I remember being nervous the first day Jason went back to work, when I had just Michael and Teresa at home with me taking it on by myself. I quickly figured out that it wasn't that hard. After getting through some jealousy in the beginning, it worked out well. The most GLORIOUS day when it was just M & T, was when they BOTH napped at the same time! It was the most awesome feeling in the world! When that happens for you, if it hasn't already, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about! Let me know if you guys need anything!

Clare said...

Thanks for the encouragement! With Anastasia, Nick had no time off so I didn't have time to worry about being on my own. We just had such a smooth, relaxing week it seems crazy to do everything myself with two! I feel outnumbered! I have no idea how you stay at home with 4 Bridget!