Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Blanket

I finally finished Isabel's blanket. It only took 2 late nights, after having squares cut for months! I bought a really nice soft blanket at TJ Maxx for the backing. I was going to put some satin trim around the outside, but didn't like the blue I picked... or how thick it was. I might just leave it as is, following the same directions as my previous quilts. It puckered a bit where I hand sewed it closed and I didn't do any real quilting because I like the airyness of it. I will probably add some ties.Isabel is definately very sensative to textiles, and much more of a blanket person than Anastasia. I made so many things (including 2 blankets) for Anastasia before she was born and other people made her blankets. She ended up falling in love with one of Nick's old handmade quilts from when he was a child. Isabel has a little lavender fleece throw she likes, so I am secretly hoping that she will attach herself to her very own (and possibly first non-hand-me-down) handmade blanket. She loves rubbing the edge of soft blankets as she nurses to sleep. And it looked so nice draped over this chair... which in and of itself is another craft project. There is a tiny bit of orange in one of the fabrics, and it looks really nice with this orange pillow... so I am thinking orange satin trim would be nice, only 1/2 inch thick. Has anyone made bias binding with satin? Or using satin trim? It looks nice now... but I really want a little bit of trim.


Mary said...

I love your fabrics and the quilt is beautiful! Maybe you could do orange ties?!

I hope Isabel loves it! (She will when she grows up if she dosen't now!)

Clare said...

Thanks Mary! I was actually thinking I might add orange ties. :) You have convinced me.