Monday, September 21, 2009

Some Really Funny Stuff

I was planning on selling Isabel's walker on Craigslist, but it really makes a great cat hammock. So on Sunday morning, (yesterday) Anastasia and Isabel were out of their beds before us, and Anastasia came into our room and asked, "Mommy, can you wash the chocolate off of Isabel's face?" The worst of things went through my mind. Thankfully, Anastasia had opened the fridge and helped herself and Isabel to breakfast from my bag of chocolate non-perils. This is what we found: And we laughed about it a good long while, and then I took some pictures and I eventually changed and bathed her. AND I was glad I only paid $1 for those pjs at the thrift store... but then I was even happier that oxi-clean took every last bit of chocolate out of them!! Seriously, what did people do before oxi-clean? And onto the "car-cart" at the grocery store. We love these things:

And one night, when Anastasia's room was especially messy, I asked her to put her toys in the toy box, and she told me she "cleaned up". She had actually rolled her carpet over some of her toys. Its hard to discipline children when you are laughing at them.

And just because it made a funny picture of the sisters:

I hope you enjoyed the amusement that my children provide daily. lol! I finished Isabel's blanket, and will post some pictures later! Hooray! And in case you haven't been following, I posted our newest activities at Sylvan Hollow Schoolhouse. Enjoy your week!


Bridget said...

Great pictures! Love the car cart at the store! SO cute! Glad to know that I'm not alone in kids stories about getting into the fridge and "cleaning" rooms! :)

Clare said...

Yeah, they seem so good when I take them out of the house... but at home they are little monsters! ;)

Annie said...

I ADORE Anastasia's outfit in that last picture.

Your girls are just too cute!

Wendle said...

I am so happy to see that messy rooms are a theme in someone else's house!! It seems to be the last room I want to clean:) I also love the chocolate picture..reminds me of the time I passed out on the couch when I was pregnant with Sam and Ben managed to get into the fridge and break 18 eggs! Yuck!

Really Funny Stuff Fan said...

Hey there!

Liked the pictures! They're sooooo funny!