Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just random...

I am so glad we finally have a clean house (for a matter of minutes) and I spent less money than usual on groceries. And Anna gave me some broccoli and lettuce plants this morning. I also bought all the small things I need to finish Isabel's birthday blanket... I have 2 weeks! Nothing like a little deadline to motivate a good ol' procrastinator like myself. I went to Joann's for some satin blanket binding, and they gave me a sheet of like 10 coupons to use next week. I was informed I could use as many of them at one time as I like. I never knew that was possible!! So guess what I am going shopping for next week? Halloween Costumes!! So long as I have sufficient funds. And guess what Anastasia wants to be? A fairy of course!! She originally wanted a black dress... but thankfully mom mentioning that purple is cool, and dark like the color black was enough persuasion to change her mind. Its really awesome that I am such a cool mom. I can't wait until she is 13... I wonder how cool I will be then!

I also wanted to let you know about a giveaway at a sweet little craft blog called Little Snoring She is giving away some of these necklaces:

I am not a huge jewelry person... but these necklaces make me want to be one! Actually I love very crafty jewelry and not very expensive jewelry. I have been eyeing these bird necklaces for a while... so if you enter and win, and don't want it, you will already have a perfect Christmas present for me! (hint, hint, Nick).

Well my 2-year old is demanding I clean the table. I don't know if that is really sad that my housekeeping skills are so lame, or impressive that my daughter has such a keen sense of cleanliness. Happy weekend to all!


Annie said...

I am not a jewelry person either, Clare, but my sister-in-law (not Anna; one of Martin's sisters) is, and wears the BEST jewelry and makes me wish I could pull it off. She gave me a necklace that has a pendant made from the top of a spoon or fork or something and it is gorgeous and it has an S on it for Schap, but I think I've only worn it once!! :(

Also, I took your idea of making a quilt easy-style out of big piecings instead of tiny ones, and I'm very excited about it! I just sewed together six fat-quarters I had in my fabric box that were leftover from a different quilt I made. It's perfect because I have NO TIME to piece a real pattern these days, but I've already got the squares together now and am ready to quilt! I'm not using batting this time either, just backing it with an old, thick sheet. I'm hoping it turns out to be something I can just stuff in any bag to take along with us places. So thanks for the idea!

Okaaaay, longest comment in history. Oops. :)

Clare said...

The only jewelry I wear is actually from Ten Thousand Villages! I am glad you commented a very long comment! And those easy quilts are the best! Very handy, cute, and perfect for stuffing in the car for whatever!