Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Goodbye Figaro

I am so sad. Last night Figaro was hit by a car. I think maybe he didn't hear/see it coming because of the wind and how loud it is. He usually hides far away from cars. Anyway, I have been so depressed today. We only had him for over a month, and I miss him so dearly. He was the best cat ever.
I completely expected him to be the cat that my girls grew up with. To cuddle when they were sad, to pet when they needed to be calmed. To torment and love completely until they were much much older.

He was so gentle and sweet, and played chase around the yard with Anastasia, and would jump out of the bushes and grab her legs. Or climb our HUGE old tree. He would taunt Leia and put up with her tricks. Like I said, The perfect cat.

He became such a great part of our routine. He was with us every moment we were on the porch, or hanging clothes. He would chase the water from the hose as I watered the garden, and would run away when he caught it and it splashed him in the face. He received a trillion hugs every day from Anastasia and didn't mind Isabel yanking out his fur. Our yard feels so empty now. The porch so desolate. He really did complete things. And we haven't seen a mouse in a while.

So yes, we dearly miss our cat and all the spaces he filled in our hearts. First thing this morning Anastasia went out and called for Figaro. I explained to her that Figaro ran into the street and got hit by a car and won't be coming home ever again. We will never see him again, I said. And she just went over and swung on her swing and that was that. I guess to a 2-year-old that was enough. I placed a rock over his grave in the far corner of the yard. From there you can see the neighbor's pond and their weeping willow tree. Soon we will add a bench and a weeping cherry tree and it will be a beautiful place to reflect and remember lost loves. And then we will remember how passing life is, and how it is our duty to celebrate the life and love we have.
Rest In Peace Figaro. Your life was short but filled with more love than many cats ever know.


Anonymous said...

Goodbye Figaro (aka "Nermal"). You will be missed. I'm glad your life was filled with so much love and that you were able to return so much of it.
"Uncle" Eric

Annie said...

Aw, Clare. That's really sad. Good that Anastasia took it so well, but still. Isn't it funny how animals can leave such an imprint? Even in a short time. Poor Fig.

Kanika said...

Clare I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. You can read The Tenth Good Thing about Barney - it helped when I lost Pepper and it's great for the kids too.

Clare said...

Thanks for the condolences. Our neighbor even came over to say sorry because she saw Fig in the road this morning and cried over him. Apparently he visited her often. Animals really do leave an imprint on our hearts. and Kanika, I will definately have to check out that book.