Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Are you sick of looking at gnomes yet? I still love making these little cuties, and I started adding eyes, which is a big deal for me... I am not a painter and making 2 even-looking dots has been ridiculously daunting my friends... let me tell you. But I feel new little personalities coming out, and the first set sold in less than 12 hours!! Hooray! And I have other ideas in my head... closer to becoming something tangible.
The kids have had small colds. Nothing horrible... just lots of boogers. But that doesn't stop Isabel from trying to be a rock star. She really is groovy. And moves to the beat. And she doesn't miss a beat. Anastasia is harder to photograph. I finally was permitted to put away her playmobil calender... but she loves her Mapletown-esque pals and dollhouse. And she just learned to cut today. I cut some strips of paper, and she went to town making confetti. She was occupied for SooooOO long. We should definitely do more cutting. Nick and I went out the other night... we don't get out much:

We were supposed to eat at this quaint Irish restaurant, but it was closed... as seems to be the case when I try to visit. But I think I wanted Mexican more anyway and Los Portillos just amazes me with goodness. It is so. seriously. amazing. The shrimp fajitas will knock your socks off. Nick ordered a Large Margarita. They weren't kidding labeling it "Large". We had to take pictures since it was so big, and eating out is so rare for Nick and I... alone. We hardly knew what to do with ourselves, and spent a long time at the restaurant, and even, *gasp* ordered dessert!!! And hung out a little after that. I forgot what it was like to be normal. lol.

Well, there isn't much to do around here so we thought we would rent a movie. Again, not something we EVER do because we have Netflix and LOVE IT!!! Turns out Blockbuster in town is going out of business... and I am perfectly fine with that because I don't like Blockbuster. Victory for Netflix!!!! YAY! We went to Movie Gallery and realized, we don't even like movies anymore... at least it seems like most movies they put out these days are REALLY REALLY LAME. Do people really watch these horrible intelligence-undermining movies? So we went home, and watched Miracle on 34th street... the old 1947 one and we loved it.
I still have most of our Christmas Decorations up... including the tree. I am not ready for the holidays to be over really. But I need to start getting geared up for some one's 3rd birthday!!! I got her a wooden barn and plan to get a few more mommy and baby animals for it. I think she will LOVE it. Horses and ponies are the "in" thing around here. Well... Isabel is fussing so I better *try* and get her to sleep or something. :)


Melissa Goodsell said...

oh the gnomes are darling!! Love, love, love - they're so cute :-)

Wendle said...

The last time I ordered a Margarita it was much much smaller and I was feeling really giddy! Did you guys drink the whole thing?? Just too curious! Oh and I love the Gnome faries!

Clare said...

Thanks! Yeah, we drank it all... Nick drank most of it and felt pretty giddy. I had to drive. :)

John said...

Hi Clare! I found your blog through a link on Bridget Kerlek's blog. My husband, John, is one of your husband's old college roomates. Anyway, I just wanted to write and let you know that I enjoy reading your blog and I love the gnomes you've been creating for your etsy store. I plan on ordering a set for my daughter soon. You are so creative. Keep up the good work!
God bless,
Janine Tsakanikas

Clare said...

Hi Janine! Thank you so much! I am so glad you like my blog and my gnomes! I honestly didn't realize they would be such a hit! Your name is so familiar... I know Nick has mentioned your husband before! I will definately ask him. :) Thanks again! Kind comments are so encouraging!!


Anonymous said...

That quaint Irish restuarant is cozy when music is there! We have realized that the only movies we seem to want to see are only showing in DC or Bethesda......we need a little independnet theater around here!